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3 Music Services That Boost Productivity In A Noisy Office

Music At the Office
You're trying to get some work done at the office.
But the person next to you keeps on talking to you.

You hear a few text message notifications from a few desks down. And a couple of coworkers sitting across from your just started an impromptu meeting.

Open office environments can be productivity killers when you're trying to get stuff done.

Next time you reach for your headphones to try and kick start your productivity, check out a few of ambient music services.

  1. Focus@Will

Focus@Will is best for when you need productivity on demand.
The music that plays on Focus@Will changes every :20 minutes, which is when the brain begins tuning out a song and begins scanning for new stimulus.

Focus@Will’s music stations are all lyric-free and switch tracks seamlessly so your brain won’t even notice any ‘quiet spots’ when one song ends and another one begins.

  • Songza
  • The popular Songza music service has 50+ playslists dedicated to vocal-free ambient music.

    If this is your first time trying this service, you’ll go through a lot of experimenting between the different stations before finding one that keeps you productive.

    You can skip songs that don’t put you in the “the zone” and vote up or down certain songs that don’t belong in that playlist.

  • SimplyNoise & SimplyRain
  • Some people can’t work with any music playing — even ambient.

    If you’re one of those folks, try
    The service produces a set of static frequencies that drown out all background noise in your office.

    Since there are no rhythms, beats or instruments, this is an interesting way to drown out noise without introducing any new stimulus.

    SimplyRain is a companion service that plays the soothing sound of a rain instead of static white noise.
    It’s a bit more of an enjoyable listening experience for longer working sessions.

    Mobile apps are available for both SimplyNoise and SimplyRain so you can tune out a noisy environment if you find yourself working without internet access.

    Do you turn on music when you need to get productive? Have you tried any of these services?
    What works for you?

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