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The case for napping at work [infographic]

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Even in some of the most otherwise forward-minded companies, napping at work is still a taboo. The workaholic culture is so embedded in our society that taking a nap at work is often frowned upon.

Companies are worried about how snoozing employees might affect their productivity and, in the end, their bottom line. Yet even a short nap can improve alertness, productivity, creativity, health and engagement. And all these factors are connected to company revenue. When sleep deprivation is responsible for $18 billion loss in the U.S., it’s time to rethink why we do the things we do.

Napping at work is part of a work culture shift – that of working smarter, not harder.

napping at work infographic

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  • Usman Raza

    i would say, it would put negative impression over the people around you, and your attitude and behavior affects other people around you ,so better not to sleep while in office! no matter how positive it would be for you but having no idea what other are thinking about it?

    • Alina Vrabie

      Hi Usman, I think you’ve touched a very delicate point – that in many workplaces there’s no trust between coworkers. If someone needs to do something that makes them more productive, then they should be able to do that. Some take smoke breaks, others check their personal email/social media feeds every now and then. We all do something to give us a boost in the afternoon. And napping is healthier than both of the things I mentioned above 🙂

      • Usman Raza

        yeah look busy do nothing phrases are real but at least it would not let other people think negative about you i hope you understand my point! Thanks!

        • Alina Vrabie

          I do, Usman, I really do.

          • Usman Raza

            Thanks Alina i much appreciate your post!

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  • Michelle Booth

    Fantastic post. I used to feel guilty about needing an afternoon nap but realized that I was doing harm to myself by relying on caffeine and sugar to get me over the post-lunch energy slump. Now a 15-minute nap – even if I don’t sleep, just lie down – makes me much more productive in the afternoons.

    It’s so sad that most employers don’t recognize this. Until I started working from home I would take a quick nap in my car or go for a massage at lunchtime – any excuse for a lie down!

    • Alina Vrabie

      Thanks for your comment Michelle! You make a good point: guilt. Been there! But no one should feel guilty about what they need to do to work at their personal best.
      A lunchtime massage sounds delicious! I can see how it’s a great productivity boost.

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