If you're still wondering whether you should transfer the tasks you've scribbled on your many post-it notes and newspaper edges to an online to do list, the answer is YES!

Pen on paper does have its advantages. For example, keeping a pen and paper journal can help you crystallize your ideas and disconnect from the online world. And of course, analog can be superior to digital when it comes to sketching and designing.

But when it comes to task lists, you should seriously consider going digital. Here are five reasons why:

Access your tasks from anywhere

An online list allows you to access your tasks from anywhere. You can see where you're at for the day, and what tasks require your attention.

It's useful to check back with your task plan at various points of your work day to make sure you're on track, or, if you've been derailed by unexpected tasks, to get back on track. And of course, you want to be able to see your tasks anywhere you are, even if you don't have an internet connection.

Don't lose your task list

Have you ever lost your to do list? It's a real pain! It interrupts your work flow. Then if you sit down to rewrite it, not only will you probably forget something important (like that guy who forgot to book his wedding venue), but it also takes away valuable time that you could be using to actually do your work.

Secure task management apps like Sandglaz will allow you to safely keep your to do list in the cloud, and access it whenever you want to.

Share your to do list with ease

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of an online task list is that you can easily share it with others.

Whether you want to share it with family members your with your team, it's easy to keep everyone in your life up to date with what's keeping you busy. What's more, you can delegate tasks to your team members, fostering trust and developing skills.

Enjoy task automanagement

Here's something your pen and paper task list can't do: automatically transfer all the uncompleted tasks from yesterday to today's task list.

This might seem like a trivial detail, but you'd be surprised at the psychological benefits task automanagement has. Instead of worrying that you're forgetting something, the task management app is making sure that no task is left behind, and that all of them are right there on your list, greeting you the next day. This in turn frees up more RAM and allows you to allocate your cognitive stamina to more important tasks.

Get reminders for your tasks

When was the last time your analog to do list sent you a reminder? An online to do list with a simple notification system that has just the right amount of intrusion will help you stay on track and keep up with the important tasks on your list.

Pen and paper does have its benefits, but when it comes to your task lists, online is the way to go.

Are there any benefits you've found while using an online to do list that we forgot to put down? Add them in the comment section below!