The majority of workers in Canada and the U.S. are just coming back from a long weekend - the last one of the summer. It’s easy to imagine all those busy teams across North America getting things done last Friday afternoon. But this morning it's a different story. Some had such a packed weekend that they’re coming to work even more tired than they left on Friday. I know it sounds as if this kind of people shouldn’t even exist in your company in the first place, but after a long weekend, even the best of us can feel like coming in to work is a bit of a drag. In fact, a recent survey shows that 48% of employees in the U.S. admit that their productivity decreases right before or immediately after a holiday or vacation.

As a manager, you’re already dealing with a 4-day week. You can’t afford to fall behind schedule because your workers are unmotivated. But how do you get your employees on the same page as you? Here are 5 tips to keep your team on track:

1. Ask them what they did over the weekend

If your employees are still dwelling on the weekend, one of the best ways to get their mind off the mini-break and on the work that needs to be done is to ask them about what they did. This will get them talking, taking the edge off all the weekend excitement. The idea is the same as when someone vents to a friend. Once people talk about something they get it off their minds. This way you will avoid having your employees daydreaming about their awesome mini vacation.

2. Help them set defined tasks for the day

Even the most resourceful self-starters might have trouble kicking off the week's projects. Reminding them of the steps needed to get the project done is imperative on the first day back after a three-day weekend. Take a bit of time in the morning to talk about the week's goals and what can be done today to accomplish them.

3. Let them know they’re doing a great job

There are few more effective motivators than encouragement and reassurance. Let your employees know they're on the right track and you'll see positivity spread around your office. Unless your employees are simply not excited about what they do (and in this case you will need to reevaluate your relationship), you will definitely be able to see an increase in productivity and a palpable sense of urgency in them.

4. Lead by example

This one applies to everything you do, but it's so important that it bears a reminder in this case. Let your employees see that you're excited to get back to work. Show them your sense of urgency and even share some of your own post- long weekend productivity tips. Simply put, your employees feed off your energy and will react to your behaviour around the office. Make this work to your advantage today and on all days your employees seem unmotivated.

5. Give them something to look forward to

Today is the day to remind your employees about future events to look forward to. Whether it's an office potlock, launching a new home page for your company or a community service initiative, give your employees something to be excited about in the near future. This will take their mind off the fun they left behind and on the exciting things to come.

Share some of your own post-Labour Day productivity tips with us! How do you keep motivated knowing that both the long-weekend and the summer are gone?