Twitter is great for keep with your industry and staying on top of breaking news.

You can also use twitter as a way to keep you more productive and focused.

In no particular order, here is our list of people you need to be following that will help improve your personal productivity.

Dave Sheah @DaveSeah

Dave tweets and shares tools that he's created to help improve your focus and productivity. He's one of few people that actually creates real, physical productivity tools you can print out and use in your daily life.

Bojan Djordjevic @AlphaEfficiency

Bojan is a prolific productivity writer (160 posts written in 2012 - wow!) and is passionate about sharing productivity tools, experiences, and strategies.

Erin Falconer @PickTheBrain

Erin tweets bite-size motivational and inspirational nuggets. Her blog covers mental productivity as well as physical health.

David Allen @GTDGuy

David is the creator and author of Getting Things Done. His tweets are a source of GTD tips and productivity wisdom. An absolute must follow for anyone implementing GTD into their workflow.

Leo Babauta @ZenHabits

Leo shares zen and wisdom through through twitter in a way few other people. He doesn't post frequently, making each tweet even more worth your time.

Mike Vardy @MikeVardy

Mike is a productivity enthusiast that publishes practical and useful productivity posts and advice.

Michael Hyatt @MichaelHyatt

An NYTimes best seller and expert on leadership and productivity. Michael actively tweets and shares his own articles as well as the work of others.

Leo Widrich @LeoWid

Leo combines business and lifehack tweets together. His blog posts are deeply researched which means you get a lot of science with each dose of lifehack wisdom.

Asian Efficiency @AsianEfficiency

The fellas (Aaron + Thanh) at Asian Efficiency want to help you get through your task and projects in the most optimal time possible. Don't let their twitter handle fool you though -- their tweets and advice is universal.

Your turn - who do you follow on Twitter that you think shares great productivity advice? Tell us in the comments below.