An incredible experience at TechStars Seattle

Four months ago, Zaid and I moved to Seattle to participate in the prestigious startup accelerator TechStars. It's an opportunity no entrepreneur can refuse. For 3 months and alongside 10 other start-ups, we worked night and day making the most out of our time at TechStars. It was intensive, productive and we learned so much. We were mentored by the best entrepreneurs and investors. We refined our pitch and presented to a large audience of investors.

Half a Million in Seed Financing

We raised $500k in seed financing to accelerate our growth and take Sandglaz to the next level. Everyday we talk to customers who tell us about their busy schedules and how they are juggling their shifting priorities, and they tell us that they choose Sandglaz because of its simplicity and flexibility and because it embraces the modern way of working. We want to continue building on this foundation and incorporate key features and enhancements including Email Integration, File Sharing, One grid to rule them all, Mobile, Search, Collaboration Features and Offline Support.

We're hiring

To accomplish this we're hiring. Working in a startup is a unique experience. As part of a small and tightly integrated team, your work will have a direct impact on the success of the company. This makes your work fulfilling and rewarding like no other. It will drive you to work at peak performance. We're looking for those who are up for the challenge.