We will be disabling and removing functionality for Standard Grids soon in Sandglaz to provide a better experience for all users.

** On Jun 26th, we will be making the following changes:**

  1. All existing Standard Grids in Sandglaz will be converted to Infinity Grids.
  2. Functionality to switch back to Standard grids will be removed.

Your tasks in Standard Grids are safe during the migration.

We're making this change is to simplify Sandglaz and deliver better functionality to you in terms of enhancements and improvements over the next few months.

** Between now and June 26th, we recommend that you convert all Standard Grids into Infinity Grids.**

What's The Difference Between Infinity Grids and Standard Grids?

Sandglaz Infinity Grids are more powerful versions of Standard Grids because they allow you to plan your work in time-based milestones.

The default milestone range is 1 week.
For each weekly milestone, any incomplete task automatically moves over to the next milestone for you.

With Infinity Grids, you also have the ability to move tasks into future milestones so you don't have to see them until the future milestone comes around.

This is especially useful when you know you want to work on a task, but not until next week, next month, or 6 months from now.

All of Sandglaz' tagging functionality works great in Infinity Grids.

How To Convert Standard Grids to Infinity Grids

Converting Sandglaz Standard Grids into Infinity

For each Standard Grid you're using, click on the grid settings then hit the 'convert to infinity' button.

This will convert your grid to an Infinity Grid and add a weekly milestone time dimension to it.

Recap Of Changes

Between now and June 26th, convert any Standard Grids into Infinity Grids.
On June 26th, we're going to convert all remaining Standard Grids to Infinity Grids.

Your tasks are safe during the migration.

If you've got any questions or feedback about the changes, please let us know by emailing support@sandglaz.com or leaving a comment here.