It's no secret that mottos can empower and motivate us. For entrepreneurs, mottos can inspire in tough times, but they can also sum up your attitudes, priorities and intentions. Many of you probably have focus phrases on your desk, somewhere that you can see them often. So why not add one in one of the places that gets most traffic: your computer desktop.

We prepared five beautiful free inspirational desktop backgrounds, each one with a motivational quote for those times when you need to be reminded of what's important.

To save the backgrounds to your computer in full-size, simply right-click the image, then click "Save image as..." and choose where you want to save it. Then set it as a desktop background from your computer's settings and be inspired!

Albert Einstein Quote Free Wallpaper Download

Robert Kennedy Quote Free Wallpaper Download

Natalie Clifford Barney Quote Free Wallpaper Download

Napoleon Hill Quote Free Wallpaper Download

Estee Lauder Quote Free Wallpaper Download