Happy Friday, Sandglazzers. As a send off to the weekend, we’re bringing you a list of fun reads from around the web on productivity and time management. It’s a smattering of comfort food for smart people...

Want to improve your typing skills? There’s a new add-on for Firefox that tracks your typing stats. It gives you error correction feedback based on keystrokes that frequently precede backspace presses. Now, when is the Chrome version coming?!

Coding Horror reveals secret, sage, personal development advice by telling you to stop sucking and be awesome.

Do something dumb recently? Perhaps that’s a sign of your genius. Check out this article from the New Yorker on the stupidity of highly intelligent people. Then read the book.

When building a clock, there’s really only one thing you need to get right: The machine’s ability to tell time. Dutch designer Martin Baas thumbs his nose at such antiquated notions of proper time keeping and creates an hourglass that’s usually wrong on purpose (via Co.Design).

Four years ago Maria Ross nearly died from a severe brain aneurysm. Read about her recovery and her seven lessons on rebooting your life over at Dumb Little Man.

For any coders out there who have ever agonized over completely reworking a website for Internet Explorer, you’ll get a kick out of this Australian electronics retailer’s solution to the IE problem.

Because father’s day is on Sunday, here's a list of manly quotes for dads. Confucius, Plato, Einstein, Chuck Norris… all well quoted.

And speaking of Einstein…