You might have already noticed that instead of the word “grids” in Sandglaz you are now seeing “projects.” We have recently made this subtle switch in the Sandglaz lingo.

Here's why: Sandglaz was initially inspired by the Eisenhower grid. In that context, it made sense to call each workspace a grid where users can manage their tasks.

But as we introduced Infinity Grids, we've made Sandglaz into a more flexible task manager that allows teams to work on immediate tasks, while also planning and working on the long-term vision. The Infinity Grid - and Sandglaz as you know it now - is a combination between the Eisenhower grid and Kanban board.

We kept on calling the workspaces grids because it had entered the Sandglaz vocabulary. From talking to our users, we realized that this wording caused confusion for Sandglaz users. It wasn't entirely clear to many that the grids are in fact workspaces that can be shared with others. Sandglaz is designed to be a simple and flexible task management collaboration tool. If one word can make life easier for our users, we'll make sure to use that word!

Sandglaz Project

So for simplicity's sake, we have renamed grids to projects.

We hope that you, our amazingly supportive (and some of you veteran) users, will adjust to this change soon. But don’t worry, if from time to time you use the word grid, we’ll still know what you mean! ;)