We're excited to start off this week by introducing the commenting feature to you. That's right, you can now have conversations about your tasks right within your tasks.

Commenting is very simple. Just open the task detail view, add in your comments, and hit enter!

Sandglaz commenting type in comment

Your collaborators will see the comments within the task detail, in real time sync.

You can also tag team members within the comments, even if they're not tagged within the task itself. As long as the grid is shared with them, tagged team members will be notified by email.
Sandglaz commenting When the task detail is closed, the commenting label will show you if there are any comments attached to the task.

Sandglaz commenting grid view

You can also access commenting right from your mobile device. Just open up the task detail and there you have it!

Sandglaz commenting mobile

What do you think about the new commenting feature? Let us know in the comments below or drop us an email anytime!