We're very happy to announce that we have just released Sandglaz global search!

With global search, you can search for any task that you have ever entered in Sandglaz, whether it's been completed or not.


Just type in your search query into the search bar, and see all the tasks containing that word, wherever on your timeline the task may be, no matter if it has a @usertag or a #hashtag.

sandglaz search

When you click on the task, the task detail of the respective task will open up in the background, so you can have the task's details at a glance. 

Sandglaz select task search

You can also search through your tasks on the go. From your mobile device, you will find the search bar in the side panel. 

sandglaz global search mobile

What do you think about the new global search feature? Leave a comment below or drop us an email anytime!