We are excited to introduce the ability to share your grids at Sandglaz. Grids are shared independently from one another with the ability to specify the level of access per user per grid. Check out the new sharing settings from any grid's toolbar.

Owners have full access to the grid. This includes the tasks in the grid, as well as the sharing and grid settings. If you create a new grid you are the owner, unless you give it to someone else. You can have multiple owners for a grid.

Editors have full access to the tasks in the grid, but readonly access to sharing and grid settings.

Readers have readonly access to the grid.

Even though we are in an invite-only private beta, we decided to allow you to share your grids with whomever you want. A Sandglaz invite will automatically be sent when you share a grid with someone not already registered.

You also have a limited number of invites you can send without sharing.