We are excited to introduce the Sandglaz API. You can now write applications that interact with Sandglaz. For instance you can use the Sandglaz API to:

  • integrate Sandglaz with another application
  • create a mobile app for managing Sandglaz tasks
  • create a desktop app that allows creating and completing Sandglaz tasks
  • create a browser extension to quickly create tasks from a web page or web application
  • ... anything else that scratches your itch!

The Sandglaz API has a RESTful interface, providing programmatic access to most of its data in predictable urls. It accepts and returns JSON content.

The Sandglaz API uses OAuth 2 for authorization. OAuth 2 is an open standard for allowing users to authorize 3rd Party applications without the need for those applications to request the user’s credentials (username/password) or requiring the user to copy & paste API Keys. This makes it simpler for both the client developer and the end user, while maintaining high security. All communications with the Sandglaz API is secured with SSL.

The API is available for free, email info@sandglaz.com for access.