Get Rich Slowly shares a few money saving hacks by cutting costs on transportation.

You don’t need to be productive every minute of the day. Zen Habits explains why killing time ain’t such a bad thing.

How many times have you texted “can’t talk now” or “busy, will chat later” or “I hate you and you ruined my life!” Okay, perhaps that last one is only reserved for divorces and telemarketers, but chances are you’ve spent a little too much time updating people with the same dozen messages, mostly on how you’re too busy to update them. Read Gizmodo’s great article on how Apple will soon be assisting you in blowing off your friends and providing excuses like a boss.

The Positivity Blog will teach you how to avoid the destructive thought habits that hold you back from a happier life.

The Higgs boson particle kind of, more-or-less, exists!!! What is a Higgs boson particle? Watch this video to find out, because this is the biggest scientific discovery of the year. Nay, the biggest scientific discovery since the first synthesis of easy-cheese.

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And finally, San Diego decides to get super efficient and fires their entire 4th of July fireworks arsenal in 30 seconds. Speed celebrating.