The most popular user-requested feature we get at Sandglaz is for a way to see all your tasks from different grids together, in a single grid.

So after weeks of planning and hard work, we're happy to announce the launch of My Tasks.

My Tasks is a single, unified grid that rolls up all your tasks into a daily milestone agenda.

Sandglaz My Tasks

This a major release that we're still considering it in beta -- so we're looking to get your feedback after you get a chance to try it out.

Here's what My Tasks will help you do:

  • See all your tasks across all projects grids in a single view.
  • Work from a Daily Task Agenda that you can prioritize and organize.
  • Capture quick tasks that you plan on completing today, but aren't related to any of your existing projects grids.
  • Sort on hashtags and usertags between all your grids.

Private Grids vs Shared Grids

Since My Tasks is a unified grid for your tasks, it handles tasks in private (unshared) and shared (multiple users) grids differently.

  • Private Grids - All tasks in the grid milestone will show up under My Tasks.
  • Shared Grids - Only tasks you're tagged on will be shown in My Tasks. Adding your @Usertag to any task on a shared grid will put it in My Tasks.

Tasks that are rolled up from your individual grids are labeled with the grid name so it's easy to see which project any task is associated with.

Moving Tasks To Later In The Week

Setting a Move To Date

By default, you'll see most of your tasks from weekly grids into the Today milestone.

Moving tasks to a later date in the week is useful when you know you want to get something done by the end of the week, but you don't plan on getting started on it until later.

Simply drag tasks into the Later column in My Tasks as a backlog or set the move to date on the task to delay it.

Additional Improvements

With this release of My Tasks, our engineering team have also added a few additional improvements:

  • Behind-the-scenes tweaks to speed up the app, scrolling, and tag filtering on very large grids.
  • Automatic tagging to new tasks when a filter is already selected in the My Tasks grid
  • HTTPS is turned on by default for all signed-in users for a secure, encrypted connection between your browser and Sandglaz
  • The visual design between the web & mobile app is now more consistent


Let us know what you think of My Tasks and how it integrates into your Sandglaz workflow.