Today, we're excited to launch email notifications for tasks.

Email notifications help you stay on top of tasks so you know when a task has been assigned to you or when a task you're tagged on is modified.

Any user tagged with their @Username on a task will receive an email notification when that task is edited, updated with a note, or completed.

On shared grids, you'll find the @Username of coworkers, teammates, or partners by checking the grid sharing settings:

Username Tagging

When you assign a task on a shared grid to a user by adding their @Username to the task, they will automatically get an email notification alerting them about the assigned task.

You can add multiple @Usernames (including yours) to any task.
If you want to stop task notifications for a particular task, just remove your @Username from the task.

You can set your username here.

Try out @Username tagging with your team on your shared grids.
Let us know what you think.