Here at Sandglaz we’ve always been looking for things that we can improve on. In trying to create a better future for Sandglaz, we’ve decided to say goodbye to the Freemium model. We've made this switch after much thought in order to better focus our efforts on our customers. The new and simplified pricing plan will allow us to better service you and create the best version of Sandglaz.

Our new pricing model includes a 21-day free trial period (no credit card required) where users will be able to use Sandglaz with unlimited access.

The Sandglaz subscription will be $5 per month for each user. Users who sign up for the full year will receive one month off ($55/year).

What this means for existing customers

The new changes will not affect existing Sandglaz users. They will only apply to new subscribers, or new team members you invite.

If you are currently on a free plan, rest assured that nothing will change for you. You will still be able to enjoy your existing free grids.

If you are currently on Sandglaz Pro and you would like to move to the new pricing plan, you can downgrade your plan, then upgrade to the new plan for $5 per month for each user.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or email us at if you have any questions (or simply want to say hi)!