Earlier this week we gave you the chance to improve your googling skills. Daniel Russel takes it a step further with an amazing lecture on advanced Google search techniques. Check out the highlights.

Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote a powerful piece in The Atlantic this month on the possibilities and impossibilities of women trying to balance career, wealth, and family and the myths and expectations of how women fit into the modern work world.

How many "notifications" do you get in a day? In an hour? In a minute? GigaOM asks the question, is modern technology creating a culture of distraction?

Here’s a fun list: Boing Boing posts get rich advice from circus owner and legendary shuckster P.T. Barnum (originally yanked by Austin Kleon).

Any bookworms out there? Feast your eyes on these shelves. Sexy, sexy book shelves.

Life Hacker has a great piece on how to stay productive after work. It’s full of useful- though occasionally contradictory- advice (for instance, "Get started as soon as you get home" and "Stop working after work and get up early instead.").

And finally, have you ever been guilty of this? (via Poorly Drawn Lines)