At Sandglaz we are are constantly growing and improving, and our users are a big part of this. Based on your feedback and suggestions, we are excited to announce some changes that we're sure you'll be happy about (and that you might have already noticed if you've been diligently managing your tasks today). Here's what's new in this release:

My Tasks out of Beta

We are delighted to report that My Tasks is now out of Beta. What that means for you is improved performance, including smoother scrolling between columns and more fluid dragging & dropping between columns. It also doesn't hurt that My Tasks got a facelift, so your to-do list just looks more appealing.

New feature: completed box for all grids

We're very excited to give you the completed box for all grids. This one is here by popular demand.

What many of our users really loved about My Tasks Beta is that completed tasks moved automatically to the completed box. That's why we included a completed box in every grid, so that you don't have to scroll through your many completed tasks (we know you get a lot done with Sandglaz!) to get to the next column.

Drag & Drop between My Tasks and other grids

Getting things off your mind and into Sandglaz has just become easier. You can now enter all your tasks in My Tasks without having to think about which project they belong to, and then drag & drop them later on to the appropriate grids. This way, you'll never forget writing down a task!

User experience improvements

We're sure that you'll appreciate the overall sleeker look and feel of Sandglaz. The completed box and the visual changes make our desktop app more consistent with mobile, in addition to aligning the visuals of My Tasks and the grids. We've also worked hard on making Sandglaz faster and smoother.

Thank you for helping us make Sandglaz better. Your feedback and suggestions have been more than useful in moving Sandglaz forward. We'd love to hear what you think of the changes and new additions in the comments below.