Today we launched a couple of improvements to Sandglaz that we're excited to share with you.

New Task Detail View

Now when you maximize any task, you'll see a large, centered task detail screen.

This gives you more room to edit your task details and shows you the different parts of your task.

New Task Detail View

Here is a walkthrough of what you will see when you 'maximize' any task into the task detail view.

  • Task Notes: Use the notes area to add additional information, links, or details to your tasks.
    The notes area now expands automatically for you (no more scrolling!).
  • Due On: You can set the task due date automatically from here using an the date and time picker.
  • Repeat: You can control how often the task will be repeated.
  • Move To: When you set this field, you will move a task into future milestones in your infinity grid. Moving tasks to future dates takes them out of the current milestone.

    This is especially useful when you're planning your work and realize that you're just not going to get some tasks this week. Use 'Move To' to put them in a future milestone.

Task Agenda Email

Many of us have a habit of checking email the very first thing in the morning when we get up or get started with our workday.

The Sandglaz Task Agenda Email is a snapshot of your important and overdue tasks for the week:

  1. Overdue Tasks - These tasks haven't been checked off yet and are now overdue.
  2. *Upcoming Private Tasks * - These are incomplete private grids tasks that you've created.
  3. Upcoming Tasks Shared With You - These are incomplete shared grid tasks that you've been tagged on.

Clicking any of the tasks in your email takes you right to that task's detail view.
This is handy when you realize you need to make an edit to the task, assign it to someone else, or move it to a later milestone.

While the default frequency for the task agenda email for all users is weekly, you can choose different frequencies in your account settings.

  • Daily (Every day)
  • Weekday (M-F)
  • Weekly (Mondays)
  • Monthly (First day of the month)

Try different frequencies to see what works for your working style.

Let us know what you think of the new task detail view and task agenda emails. How are they impacting your workflow?