Web-based task management with Sandglaz on the iPad

Today we are introducing an iPad friendly Sandglaz. Up until today, Sandglaz on the iPad defaulted to the mobile web app; which is optimized for smaller screens. Today, we're happy to announce the release of iPad specific web views. It has all the capabilities and fluidity of the desktop web app but optimized for touch.

The iPad web app has features that couldn't have been possible before iOS 5. Fluid drag & drop, momentum scrolling of the time blocks, resize, and in-place editing of tasks to name a few. So, if you're not on iOS 5 yet, it's free to upgrade!

On the desktop you could move a task between grids by either dropping it on the grid name on the left, or by hovering on the grid name until the grid opens and then dropping it in a specific box. We disabled the second option on the iPad for performance reasons. As the iPad browser improves we will re-enable it.