It's true that your team is your asset, but your startup or small business will not go forward without your leadership.

That's why we've curated the best articles on leadership throughout this month, to inform, inspire and motivate how you lead your people.

Christine Lagarde: Women Lead Better in Crisis

The managing director of the IMF shares her thoughts on women in leadership roles in her interview with the Harvard Business Review. This article includes the four most interesting points of the interview, curated by Will Yakowicz.

What These 13 Successful Entrepreneurs Wish They Knew 5 Years Ago

Some say learning from your mistakes is valuable, but I say it's more valuable to learn from others' mistakes and from your success. Along the same grain, you can learn from what others have already learned. This article by Belle Beth Cooper from the Buffer Blog includes practical advice from 13 succesful entrepreneurs, including the CEO and founder of Moz and the founder of

Twitter's Video Pitch to Investors

Twitter's video pitch to investors is really a feel-good inspirational video for entrepreneurs in disguise. It will make you think big, and reconsider how far you want to take your product.

Why Startups Should think 10x from Day One

Do you know what "moonshot" thinking is? If not, read this great article about pushing the envelope from Eze Vidra.

Former Revlon CEO: 4 Management Rules to Live By 

Another great one from Will Yakowicz with advice from Alan Ennis, former CEO of Revlon who resigned earlier this month. Advice worth considering from a man who went as far as trying out Revlon's products (make-up and nail polish, that is) on himself, in order to identify with his target consumers (sometimes even on public transportation, we're led to believe).

A Better Way to Group Brainstorm

This is a must-read for anyone leading teams through brainstorming activities. How do you inhibit fear of judgement? How do you encourage introverts to participate? Read it in this article.

Lou Reed on How to Be as Creative, Dynamic, and Difficult as Lou Reed

The legendary musician passed away, but his legacy lives on. This article by Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield reflects on the lessons we can learn from "the great punk poet," and there's a lot entrepreneurs could borrow from him.

The 10 Questions Every Brand Should Ask to Ensure It's Simple Enough

This article by Margaret Molloy is exactly what it says it is: 10 questions to evaluate if your brand is simple enough. It's a great read if your company is growing or considering growing, but don't want to lose the simplicity they offer to their customers.

Do you have any articles on leadership that you'd like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.