Every company has a culture. Contrary to how many companies go about it, true culture is not fabricated by executives for their staff to follow. Culture cannot be forced.

Instead, it is the people that make the culture.

That's why, a few months back, we sat down as a team to articulate what our culture is. 

What is it that makes us, us? What do we want to express to our users and the world? What are our values?

As a growing startup, each person has contributed to creating our culture. Our values are something we live every day in our work, our interactions with each other and our customers.

Here's what the Sandglaz team values:

1. Customer delight through exceptional product design and support.

2. Autonomy in our work. We make open minded, creative and intelligent decisions that we are accountable for.

3. Transparency in our communication with our customers and each other. No bullshit, honest feedback.

Sandglaz Company Values: What we believe in from Sandglaz


4. Constant improvement and learning as individuals and as a team. Our learning experiences help us effectively respond to change.

5. Quality over quantity while maintaining efficiency and a sense of urgency.

Company culture is always a work in progress. (Click to Tweet)

This is what we are about now. But because we're always searching opportunities for improvement, we know that what we value will also change as Sandglaz continues to grow.

How about your startup? What are your values and culture? Share them with us in the comment section below!