To say Alan Turing is the Einstein of computer science would not do Turing justice. The man broke the German enigma cipher to help win World War II. The man more-or-less invented computer science. Turing is a legend. Tomorrow would be Turing's 100th birthday and the web is aflutter with wonderful articles celebrating the man:

Teamwork. It gave us the car, the airplane, and of course, Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Turns out all the best inventions come from teamwork (via The Atlantic).

Want to save some battery life on your smart phone? Carat is an app that tells you which other power-draining apps you should kill off to save that precious phone juice.

Be aware. Pick the Brain explains three types of awareness that can improve productivity.

List of the Week

Pixar has given the world nearly two decades of the best animated movies, and their newest film Brave, comes out today. While their CGI is dazzling, the reason Toy Story and Wall-E and Up are so memorable is because they are good stories. Emma Coats is a storyboard artist at Pixar, and she shares 22 basics of storytelling she learned while working there.