The Paradox of Choice Infographic by Sandglaz

by Sandglaz

When people are busy juggling many tasks for different projects, keeping track of those tasks in itself becomes a chore. No one wants to scan a long list of tasks before they choose what to work on. Not only is a long to-do list de-motivating, but picking a single item to work on creates a sense of opportunity cost. No matter what you choose you will be left feeling “Is this the optimal use of my time?”. As illustrated in this infographic, studies have found that when people are faced with many choices, they will begin to evaluate their options in terms of missed opportunities. This increases their negative emotions and often leads to a decision making paralysis.

Using a unique visualization and prioritization technique, Sandglaz Infinity Grids solve the problem of increased choices when it comes to managing a large number of tasks. Instead of a long intimidating list, Infinity grids break down your todo's into visual milestones for example weekly. This allows you to quickly look at what you need to do this week rather than filtering and searching through an entire flat list of todos.