In today's release we added the ability to re-size your grids; you may choose different sizes depending on the nature of the project the grid represents. Here are a few grid sizes you should try:

An Eisenhower (2x2 grid)

This method helps develop your skills to separate the urgent from the important and thereby you achieve more with greater efficiency. Use this to get into the habit of questioning the importance of the things that you are doing.

A Now-Next-Later (1x3 grid)

This highlights the tasks that you need to do right now, the ones you plan to do next, and the ones that you know you want to eventually do but will get to later. The later tasks might be ones that build on the tasks you are doing next.

A Now-Next-Later combined with Eisenhower (2x3 grid)

Plan in three stages, keeping in mind what is important and what is not. Make sure you know what the project vision and goals are, otherwise you have no way of knowing what is important and what is not important.

A List (1x1)

Useful for things you need to remember that don’t necessarily have an order.

Other Tips

Prioratize tasks within a single cell. In addition to moving tasks to other cells and/or other grids, you can also re-order tasks within the same cell. Just drag and drop them in order of priority.

Capture any commitments you make on your grids.
Capturing your tasks in a single location allows you to keep the individual items off your mind and focus on the more important tasks at hand. This way you won't forget things, and you won't have to worry about forgetting things.

Review your tasks and update them regularly. It will help you get an overview of what there is to do and hence work on what's important. Also if you don't review it regularly then you won't be able to use it to get things off your mind.