Introducing The Infinity Grid

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One common problem with to do lists is that they can get overwhelmingly long and de-motivating. It becomes difficult to scan and know where to start with any of it. Calendars on the other hand break down your to dos into dates and times. It can be handy, but most of us don't want to plan our time this accurately.

To do list + Calendar < Sandglaz

The Infinity Grid combines the best of to dos and calendars to allow you to plan in rough time-frames. Our solution is to break down your long to do lists into customizable milestones (time blocks) without forcing exact dates.

The milestones can be daily, weekly, or anything you chose.

Sandglaz infinity grids

Jot down your tasks in the corresponding milestone, and scroll back and forth to past and future dates.

The Later Column

To keep the big picture of your project in view, a special column—the Later column—displays all tasks in your grid that lie after the last visible date. You can also jot down the tasks that you want to get to "someday" directly under this column.


What would you do if you overestimated or underestimated the amount of work in a milestone?

  • Drag and drop the tasks to re-prioritize
  • Advance or postpone the milestone date
    In some situations it might make more sense to change the milestone date rather than re-prioritize the tasks. For example you might have grouped all the tasks you need to do before the next customer meeting in a milestone, or you might have each milestone representing a release cycle. In these cases you may want to advance or postpone the milestone date keeping the same tasks in the milestone.
  • Do nothing
    Your uncompleted tasks will automatically get pushed for you to the current milestone.

Auto-manages your Tasks

Old tasks
Your old completed tasks are kept out of your way yet easily accessible—just scroll back to view them, or jump to any date.
If you don't complete a few tasks, Sandglaz will automatically push them into the current milestone so you don't lose track of them.

Due tasks
Sandglaz automatically advances tasks that are due.

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