Do you know why your employees waste time at the office? How about when they are least likely to be productive?  What office activities actually distract workers from working? And does blocking social sites in the office actually work? If you don't know the answers to these questions, then chances are you don't really know how to prevent your employees from wasting time at the office.

Not to worry! We have put together an infographic with all the data you need to know about time-wasting habits at the office, based on a survey by

Surprisingly enough, 90% of workers waste time at the office in one way or another, and the majority of them spend their time on-line. However, at least half of them would continue doing this even if those sites would be blocked by their company.

office time wasting infographic What every manager should know about the office time-wasting habits of their employees.

Which one of these habits is true in your office? We'd love to hear  from you in the comment section below.